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Are You Tired of Birds Living in Your Attic?

Do you repeatedly pay to replace the round vents that fall out under your roof over hang?

Does the paint that you apply to your eaves, year after year, NEVER REALLY look new due to wood deterioration and termites?

Suffer no more and remove all birds with one call today!

Maui Soffit Company can solve these problems by installing colored vinyl soffit which provides instant perimeter eave protection against unwanted birds, rats, bees and termites. It looks solid, but has hidden vents to allow needed air.

We can make your homes roof eaves (overhangs) beautiful and new again!

We also install colored vinyl fascia to cover and transform unsightly maintenance problems, giving your house a fresh, new look.

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Colored vented Hardie Cement Soffit is also available to match your homes exterior trim detail.

In the case of keeping with the original dated look we also install primed and painted wooden and Masonite soffit too.

We remove and replace any rotted wood due to the harsh Hawaii environment and are experts at that as well!

We offer treated Douglas fir or you can upgrade to 30 year Kelleher Bodyguard, Winsor Wood, and Fletcher "Armour Wood" which are RENEWABLE, Treated Wood Trim with a Thirty Year Decay/Rot/Insect Damage Warranty

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